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Personal lubricant, or "lube,” as it's often known, intensifies pleasure during sex by reducing unnecessary friction. Using lube during sex can make your encounters silky smooth and lead to heightened desire and gratification. Lube can be applied by one partner before sex, or it may be part of an erotic massage.
Lube comes in dozens of different varieties, including:
  • Flavoured and scented lubricants. Most lubes are unscented and unflavoured, but others are designed to enhance the experience by stimulating the senses. Popular flavours and scents include mint, pina colada, appletini, cheesecake, and cappuccino. Many lubes use fruit flavours such as cherry, pineapple, strawberry, kiwi, melon, blue raspberry, or – fittingly – passion fruit!
  • "Stay hard” lubes. These are specially formulated to prolong erection, and make your pleasure last longer.
  • Spray-on lubricant. Convenient and playful, spray-on lubes are super-easy to apply.
  • His and her lubes. Packaged together, these lubricants are designed to be used together, and may enhance gratification for both partners.
  • Lubes that cause tingling or warming. Increasingly popular, these exciting lubes add new sensations to lovemaking.
Lubes may be designated specifically for men or for women. Some lubes are designed for use with sex toys or dildos; others have been developed for anal use. Special masturbation lube for men is recommended for self-love sessions. Most lubricant can be used with condoms, and some contains spermicide.
Types of Lube
Lubricants are made of different combinations of ingredients. It may take some experimentation to find out which kind is best for you. The basic types are:
  1. Water-based Lubricant. These formulations are light and natural feeling, and may contain moisturizers such as carrageenan. Some contain glycerin, and others don't. Water-based lubricant evaporates without leaving sticky residue, and is particularly recommended for erotic encounters in the bathtub, hot tub, or pool.
  2. Oil-based Lubricant. For partners in a committed relationship and are not concerned about the damage to latex, oil-based lubes may be used when condoms are not necessary. Slippery oil-based lubricant has a sensual feel preferred by many couples, but it can damage latex, so is not suitable for use when safer sex is practiced.
  3. Silicone-based Lubricant. The silky sensation of silicone lube is unique. This lube is often used with condoms, and in fact some condoms are sold pre-lubricated with a silicone formulation. These lubes last longer than water-based formulas since they're not absorbed through the skin. They're not recommended for use with silicone sex toys.
  4. Natural Lubricant. Many lubes avoid additives like paraben, glycerin, DEA or animal-based ingredients, and may contain plant ingredients like aloe or fruit and flower extracts.
Adult Products Online
Some people are reticent to shop at adult novelty stores or sex shops, which stock a wide variety of lubes. Luckily, many adult shops are now online. Peruse the various types of lubricant from the comfort of your own home. Discuss your many options with your partner, and explore products that pique your interest.
Ordering is easy, and most online adult stores pride themselves on providing fast and discreet service.
Try some lube today and discover the difference it can make to your pleasure!
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